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Common reasons for residential real estate disputes

On Behalf of | May 4, 2024 | Real Estate Disputes |

Dealing with residential real estate can be tricky. Whether you’re buying, selling, or managing property, knowing about common disputes is important for protecting yourself and keeping transactions smooth.

Misrepresentation or hiding problems with the property

A big reason for disputes is when sellers don’t tell the truth or hide issues with the property. Sellers have to say if there are any problems that could affect how much the property is worth or how livable it is. If they don’t, buyers might take legal action, especially if they find out later.

Boundary and title disputes

Disputes over property lines and ownership are also common reasons for disputes. They can happen because of unclear or wrong descriptions in the property’s papers, arguments about where one property ends and another starts, or problems from previous owners that weren’t fixed. Fixing these disputes usually requires legal help to look at old papers and figure out who owns what.

Breaking the contract

Real estate deals have complex real estate laws both sides have to follow. If one side doesn’t do what they agreed to, it’s called a breach of contract. For example, if the seller doesn’t do repairs like they promised, or if the buyer doesn’t buy the property on the right date. Breaches can lead to talks to fix things or going to court for a solution or money.

Understanding and dealing with these problems early is key to making sure real estate deals go smoothly. When real estate disputes occur, seeking real estate legal counsel is sometimes a good option especially when the dispute cannot be self-managed or if there is a breakdown in communication.