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How serious can a trip-and-fall accident be?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Right after tripping or slipping in a public place, you might feel more humiliated than hurt. However, it is important to assess the extent of your injuries as soon as possible after the incident. That way you get the care you need and can hold the establishment where your fall occurred accountable if they were negligent.

Many serious issues can result from what at first seems like just an embarrassing misstep.

Sprains and strains

Tripping or slipping might cause your ligaments and muscles to twist or stretch unnaturally, resulting in sprains and strains. These injuries lead to pain, swelling and restricted mobility, making even day-to-day activities challenging.

Fractures and dislocations

The impact of a fall often exerts significant force on bones and joints, which can result in fractures or dislocations. Broken bones need immediate setting to ensure proper healing, and some fractures require surgery.

Falling, or breaking your fall, awkwardly may cause joint dislocations, where the bones pop out of their normal positions. Dislocations bring on pain, swelling and loss of joint function, necessitating prompt medical attention to correct and rehabilitate the problem.

Head injuries

With Harvard Health Publishing noting that falls are a leading cause of head trauma, even a seemingly minor slip or trip may cause concussions or other brain injuries. Because symptoms vary in type and degree, you should undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation anytime you hit your head during a fall.

Back and spinal injuries

The sudden jolt you feel during a fall can affect your back and spine, leading to injuries with long-term consequences. Spinal injuries often result in debilitating chronic pain and discomfort, impacting your overall quality of life.

When you experience a trip- or slip- and fall accident, rely on a full medical assessment to determine if you are seriously injured.