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Why are truck accidents increasingly common in California?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Although all California drivers are subject to dangers on the road, truck accidents are particularly becoming more common across the state. In 2020, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recorded a 28% increase in the state’s truck fatalities. By 2021, California became the second deadliest state next to Texas for large truck crashes.

Aside from a truck’s massive size and weight, other determinants contribute to these growing truck accident numbers. Heightening your awareness about such risk factors can save you from facing potential life-or-death situations.

Common causes of catastrophic crashes

A large commercial truck’s dimensions can be deadly, even in low-impact collisions. The truck’s instability and blind spots make it harder to maneuver compared to smaller motor vehicles. However, aside from its enormous and complex build, other causes can happen if you lack attention to your duty as a driver:

  • Addictive behavior: Alcohol impairment, substance abuse
  • Reckless habits: Speeding, illegal turns, abrupt stops and lane switching
  • Distractions: Fatigue, sleep deprivation
  • Inexperience: Insufficient training in driving school

Aside from these unsafe driving practices, you can also quickly lose control of the vehicle due to mechanical failures, like broken lights, leaking brake fluids, worn-out tires and transmission problems. If you already experienced a truck accident, you probably sustained financial hardships, life-long injuries or even death, and would know how medical and legal support on standby can help.

Defensively taking the wheel

Truck accidents can still occur despite your best efforts to adhere to road legislation. And just by driving in a state with high truck traffic like California, the odds of you becoming a victim increase. The roads are much safer if you steer your wheel in legal directions.