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2 issues in stores that can lead to trip-and-fall injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When people discuss premises liability claims against businesses, they often talk about slip-and-fall situations. A puddle on the floor or spilled merchandise could send someone flying and lead to broken bones or brain injuries.

However, there are also trip-and-fall injuries to consider. Someone can trip over obstacles on the floor while out in public and end up severely injured as a result. What two hazards cause a significant number of trip-and-fall injuries at retail shops and other businesses?

  1. Saturated and poorly-secured rugs

Not having rugs by the front entrance could lead to someone slipping in a puddle or in the dirt that people track in on the bottoms of their shoes. However, not keeping the rugs clean and failing to properly secure them can be just as dangerous. Researchers list improperly secured or overly-saturated rub as one of the leading causes of public trip-and-fall incidents.

  1. Temporary electrical supply

A snack cracker company has a moving display or a new sign with LED lights built into it to attract customer attention that the store needs to power,  or the business may also have installed new refrigeration units are freezers that require power. The cords used to provide electrical supply require careful covering for the protection of the public. Otherwise, people’s shoes or carts can end up tangled in those power cords, leading to a preventable trip-and-fall incident.

Much like a slip-and-fall, a trip-and-fall could potentially lead to a premises liability claim against a business. Identifying negligent business behaviors, like failing to secure rugs and power cords, could give someone grounds for a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim.