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Distracted driving claims thousands of lives each year

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drivers on the nation’s roads need to give their full attention to driving. Anyone who’s distracted is a danger to themselves and to others who they’re sharing the road with.

Unfortunately, some drivers assume they can multitask while they’re driving. Distracted driving kills around 3,000 people each year in this country.

What is considered a distraction?

A distraction is anything that takes the driver’s eyes off the road, mind off of driving or hands off the steering wheel. Some actions, such as sending a text message encompass all three.

Even actions that most drivers don’t think about doing can be distracting. For example, looking at a billboard is a distraction because the driver has to stop watching the road to look toward the advertisement.

Other common distractions include eating or drinking, putting on makeup, changing the audio device, adjusting the climate control system or doing something to the GPS. Parents who have to care for children while they’re driving are also distracted. Even communicating with another occupant is distracting.

Are quick distractions a problem?

It only takes 5 seconds for a vehicle traveling 55 miles per hour to go the full length of a regulation football field. Interestingly, this is the amount of time it takes to read an average text. In that short time, it’s possible that the driver will slam into another vehicle.

The medical care and other expenses you have after a crash with a distracted driver can be costly. Seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit is possible, but you must do this quickly because of time limits built into state law.